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Shenzhen Beista Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, as the company's chief chairman - Mr.LI DAWEI - aimed at the Guangdong Province, the export of large cities and cities - Shenzhen, although this is a relatively young Of the company, chairman, but also 30 early, but who do not say young on the capital, young is the vitality?
The company has two business teams: a foreign trade team and a domestic trade team. As the main force to open the door to domestic and foreign trade, into the domestic and foreign markets. In order to the company's sustainable development, and the brand has become a golden key to open the door to the market, the chairman of the lightning speed resolutely registered domestic and foreign trademarks, have registered the domestic brand "CONGWEI Congwei" and international brands "BEISTA", after several years of efforts, successfully accumulated a large number of domestic and foreign brand agents.
At present, the company mainly engaged in Tablet PC, mobile phones, MINI PC, notebook computers, advertising machines, one machine, VR and other hot products, as well as OEM, ODM and other industries customized services to high-quality products and quality service Main in the high-end market.
Times as the rapid growth of the Group, the chairman of the extraordinary leadership of the leadership. In the face of severe economic structure at home and abroad, under his leadership, the company's 8090 after the new generation, high morale, Yuezhanyueyong. Network business platform as a window of domestic and foreign trade, so this has become our company two teams combat standard, trade platform collection of foreign trade B2B platform: Alibaba (Alibaba), Made in China (Made-in-China); foreign trade B2C platform: Amazon (Amazon), speed sell through (AliExpress); domestic B2B platform: 1688; domestic trade B2C platform: Taobao and other platforms combined.
"Road is too long Xi Xi, I will be from top to bottom and quest!" Times as the group to go the road is still very long, but you have some of the companions will never be lonely, welcome you to join times as the group!